About Me

Every blog has a story..hmm so, what's mine? Umm nothing..I guess I just want to complicate it more by not just cooking 3 meals a day, but also being compelled to take pictures from angles that would not capture my messy kitchen..And then spending even more time cropping them if they actually did...LOL...naaah just kidding. But, seriously no story here. I am not logging so my future generations can cook. Really I am not wasting my life thinking whether they will have my recipes (Note to future kids: You are on your own). I am also not logging this so I can save my Mom's recipes for my future kids.."Really kids this is a bonus for you..I hope you appreciate it." :D

Jokes apart..I really have a passion for cooking and I completely owe it to my Mom. All my memories of her are either in the kitchen whipping up a meal or juggling between home and work, but she always managed to do everything in time and all the time, despite a full-time job. Growing up, we never ate out. All the wonderful things were homemade and we loved it. "Thanks Mom..I really miss those days!!" Just like her, I put in all my love into my cooking and always feel fulfilled when the results are appreciated. My hubby says I just like to be the center of attraction at the table..'guilty'..aah well as far as the food is good, who cares that I get some thrill out of the compliments..;)

So why this blog?? I don't know...to me Cooking is not just another meal, it's an outlet of creativity. I like to challenge myself, try new ingredients, mix and match things, throw spices here and there and come up with fun ways of feeding my husband vegetables..there that's my true inspiration..LOL..in fact the blog is even named after his oh-so growling tummy :P. But, you must know, I am self-taught, by no means a cook, just enjoy dishing out food with love. So these are recipes I have adapted from here and there, some my Mom's some my own, without any training..This is a note of caution and not a case of 'blowing my own trumpet' :)

On a serious note (since this is my space and just because I can I am going to say this)..Like everyone here, I have experienced loss, pain, frustration, love, happiness and much more..but have realized that nothing stays true to you like your family and true friends. The only thing constant in life is change, but if you have someone with you to face, accept and share the highs and lows without reasons and judgement, it gets much easier. I have come to appreciate everyone around me more than ever, not that I valued them less, but life has strange ways of  teaching lessons and I am game to learn them. I am very thankful for my Family and all my Friends (Especially Girls..And I have some pretty strong and lovely Women in my life whom I cherish a lot). I think I may not say it too often..So, this is me saying Thank You to each one of you who has made me what I am today. I sincerely appreciate You All and hope to bring my love to you through my food, one dish at a time!!!

Now, if you are hungry for more About Me, follow my blog and you'll probably get a bite ;)...See you at the table!


  1. Can't wait to try the Roasted Red Pepper Pasta! The whole wheat pizza dough will be next, although it looks like a lot of work for a lazy cook like me. - Sajani

  2. Thanks Sajani...definitely try them and let me know how they turn out..Nawwww you're not lazy and it isn't a lot of work at all. Get your son to make his own pizza after you're done with the dough..makes it fun!! :) Thanks soo much for visiting!! :)